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Wall Mounted Folding Seat with Adjustable Headrest

Part # LSA046/2

This NEW wall mounted folding seat with auto fold up (gas spring assisted) is ergonomically designed for good ride comfort. It is ideally suited for Observer / Instructor applications especially for longer distances and when more hours in the seat is required. With D3 Foam Technology (Tri density) seat cushions for increased ride comfort, adjustable head rest for neck,shoulders and head support, angled seat squab for improved back comfort, this unit will provide exceptional performance over long hours.

The design of this folding seat is unique in that when the seat is folded down, it is in a locked position. No more seat vanishing from underneath you, should you need to move around. It stays put until the seat is not required, a simple tap and it automatically folds up.

Available in all trims & colours.

Optional Features: Adjustable Arm rests