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Association of American Railroads
Mechanical Division

Standard S504
Adopted 1974, Revised 1980
Effective for Road Type Locomotives
Ordered New After August 1, 1981

2.0 Description
SEAT CUSHION LENGTH; FIGURE 5, ITEM A The seat cushion length shall be nominal 16.
SEAT CUSHION WIDTH; FIGURE 5, ITEM H The seat cushion width shall be nominal 12 at the back edge and nominal 19 at the front edge.
SEAT CUSHION SLOPE; FIGURE 5 ITEM L the seat cushion slope shall be 3 to 6 from horizontal with front edge higher and shall be flat from side to side.
SEAT CUSHION THICKNESS; FIGURE 5 ITEM J The seat cushion thickness shall be 4 inches minimum and 7 inches maximum.
SEAT CUSHION HEIGHT; FIGURE 5 ITEM B The back cushion height in an upright position shall be 18 inches minimum to 23 inches maximum above the top of the seat cushion measured at the centre of the back cushion.
BACK CUSHION WIDTH; FIGURE 5 ITEM G The back cushion width shall be nominal 17.
BACK CUSHION THICKNESS; FIGURE 5 ITEM K The back cushion thickness shall be nominal 3.
ARMREST HEIGHT; FIGURE 5 ITEM D The armrest height shall be 7 inches minimum to 8 inches maximum from uncompressed seat cushion to the top of the armrest, when the seat is in its upright position.
ARMREST WIDTH; FIGURE 5 ITEM C The armrest width shall be a minimum of 2 inches.
ARMREST LENGTH; FIGURE 5 ITEM N The armrest length shall be a minimum of 10 inches from uncompressed seat back, in the upright position, to the end of the armrest.
ARMREST PADDING - The thickness of the inside and top armrest padding shall be inch minimum.
ARMREST GENERAL; FIGURE 5 ITEM F The armrest shall rotate upward to 115 maximum from horizontal. The armrest shall be horizontal when in the upright position. The distance between the armrests shall be 18 inches minimum.
SEAT FABRIC The seat assembly fabric shall not induce sliding nor be easily cracked or torn and shall be sufficiently resistant to deterioration from oils and allow ventilation between the occupant and the seat.
SEAT CUSHION AND BACK CUSHION FORCE DEFLECTION REQUIREMENTS The seat comfort characteristics shall be qualified and certified by the seat manufacturer per latest revision of S.A.E J1051.
FLAMMABILITY OF UPHOLSTERY MATERIAL Seat upholstery material shall meet or exceed the requirements of Federal Aviation Administration standards for design and construction of compartment interiors, 14 CFR 25.853(b), when tested vertically in accordance with the applicable portions of 14 CFR Part 25 Appendix F; 14 CFT 25.853(b) and Appendix F in effect January 1, 1980.
ADJUSTMENT FORE AND AFT the fore and aft movement of the seat shall be at least 2 inches for and at least 2 inches aft of centre for a total of at least 4 inches of overall movement.
SEAT SWIVEL the seat shall have at least 180 degrees rotation (swivel) toward centre of cab. It shall lock in forward and backward position.
SEAT CUSHION HEIGHT; FIGURE 5 ITEM F The seat cushion height with the seat in lowest position shall not exceed 17 inches above the cab floor with incremental settings upward to at least 19 inches above the cab floor as measured at the front upper edge of the seat cushion.
BACK CUSHION TILT; FIGURE 5 ITEM M The back cushion shall tilt rearward from 95 degrees to 115 degrees from horizontal with a maximum of 5 incremental settings.