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Locomotive Seats Australia build for safety & longevity. This is evident when you view the seat construction. Firstly, it is ergonomically and comfort engineered for the driver. The seat cushion foam and seat back foam are moulded in one piece, from 55 IFD Foam. This foam is high density and lasts longer then competitors fabricated foam. It is less prone to breaking down and collapsing, ensuring correct support for the operator. Antivibration pads are inserted into the foam, in the area of the drivers spine, to absorb and eliminate vibration. This is a special feature NOT offered by any other manufacturer.

The seat frame is constructed of dual tubular welded steel to stop distortion of the seat and seat back, in turn ensuring the operator's back is supported correctly. The suspension and height riser are a wider mounting base, designed to reduce the lateral forces being applied to the operator. This is an area neglected by competitors, who offer a truck or bus seat. The recline is a dual geared mechanism that will not break even under extreme loads. It is designed not only to withstand American Railroad S504 impacting testing, but also the leverage forces applied when and if an operator placed their feet on the console and pushed with all there strength. Locomotive Seats Australia believes the correct support for the operator comes with the integrity of the seat back and recline. The suspension is a purpose built locomotive base, with which they have never had a failure since its conception. The height riser, turntable and arm rests are of rugged construction which in all makes the seat and suspension a low maintenance unit designed with the operators comfort as a priority.